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Hi-tech, reliable software developed in compliance with the highest modern standards

Codecreed is a company created by a group of highly motivated and tech-obsessed developers. 

After gaining the substantial experience in major companies we’ve decided it’s time to share our expertise. We are always striving for perfection and accept no compromises. That’s why our mission is to be a beacon of true professionalism and an example of sincere love for our craft in the world of mediocrity.

Codecreed offers a rare possibility of ordering corporate grade software from the people that know this business inside out – all of this at a reasonable price, including direct communication with the people involved. Quality that you could usually get only in the corporation coupled with the approachability specific to minor companies. We offer the best of both worlds!

Products of the highest standards compliant with all of the most important high standards coupled with the direct hotline to the developers’ team – that’s what makes codecreed truly unique.

// Experience. Execution. Excellence.

What We Actually Do

Take your business to the next level with quality solutions tailored to your individual needs.
// End to end reliability

Work organization

We implement a common and proven workflow to guarantee the highest efficiency and assure stability of provided solutions.

Meet Our Leadership Team

We provide custom-tailored products to the companies that expect the best code compliant with the most demanding standards.

Piotr Janiszewski


Jakub Pyra


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