October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas


Getting familiar with a new environment, regardless of its scale, can be a difficult task. When it comes to a new workplace, it is no different. Despite the best efforts from colleagues, a high pace tour through seemingly identical corridors may lead to the new hires getting lost soon after, as the amount of information may turn out overwhelming. Using the new Augmented Reality technology, an alternative approach is possible, providing greater freedom of exploration and pace. Moreover such a solution offers great flexibility and could be extended with features of self-learning making it very generic and suitable for various environments.


With convenience in mind, a platform for managing and running office guides was designed. The solution targeted the Windows Universal Platform and was run on the HoloLens, an Augmented Reality headset from Microsoft. Unity game engine extended with Mixed Reality Toolkit were the main tools used in the development process.

The implemented application featured two modes. The editor mode allowed placing elements from a provided set of virtual objects in the office space, as well as assigning their position on the floor map. The guide mode allowed the end users to explore the office area and interact with the virtual content while staying aware of their location thanks to the minimap feature, which updated on every object encounter.


The final product provided a fun and interactive experience for new hires, which supported them in memorising important details about the office space, while also giving them a topic for discussion. Sharing their experiences with other colleagues helped form good relationships. The editor mode allowed the administrators to effortlessly update the guides when necessary.

The members of our team had a significant share in planning and development of the final solution.