October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas


Coming up with new ideas is always tough. Promoting these ideas in a corporate workspace is very often almost impossible. Getting through the elaborate chain of approval can take a long time and many great ideas were never used. That’s why it’s extremely important to properly structure the whole process – preferably with support of a user-friendly application.


An extensive product creator and catalog used internally by a major corporation from the automotive industry. Due to the expected customers’ group the product had to be extremely intuitive and simple to use. That’s why the whole process was split into many simplified steps and handled by a creation wizard. All of these operations had to be saved and the process could be paused and resumed at any moment. Furthermore, edit action was allowed. That’s why the application had to be very reactive and the state management was a major concern. It’s also worth mentioning, that due to the environment in which the product was used, the support of many user roles was required and the security of the system was crucial. As the application was to be used by many users it also had to be fully scalable.


A user-friendly and intuitive yet very extensive and elaborate product wizard/catalog supporting many users working in parallel, which helped increase the productivity of international company by allowing its employees to quickly and securely share and review the ideas for new innovative projects.

The members of our team had a significant share in planning and development of the final solution.