October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas


Managing an enterprise is a complex task and it can be difficult to find a complete solution to cover all the requirements. One way to tackle the issue is by implementing an exhaustive system from the ground up, which takes time and funds. Alternatively, different existing products are often used together, leading to an incoherent and inconvenient result. The task was to deliver an easy to use solution, which would simplify and speed up this process without sacrificing quality. Nevertheless it couldn’t come together with the lack of some advanced, but useful features present in competitive products.


The Enterprise Portal was designed as a complete solution for companies to manage both employee and customer facing applications, by offering a number of easily extensible applications for resource, content and user management. It allows grouping related pages, based on a number of provided templates, into portals with separate menus and themes.

A dedicated Angular library based on PrimeNG – a UI component library – was developed, to provide common functionality and design across multiple applications, communicating via REST APIs with Quarkus-powered microservices. It also provided customization features for users, including localization and layout preferences.

Basic functionality is extended by integration with RedHat’s Process Automation Manager for workflow management and with multiple AWS services for mailing purposes.


By focusing on flexibility, the resulting product is not only intuitive and easy to manage, but can also be quickly adjusted to fit the needs of a potential client. Polished core functionality guarantees a solid foundation for any company’s system, whereas custom applications are based on templates, which ensure consistent look and feel.

The members of our team had a significant share in planning and development of the final solution.