October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas


Good health and well-being are important factors of employees’ satisfaction. It is naturally not possible to force anyone to follow a certain diet or to regularly perform physical excercise. The situation can be improved to a certain degree by providing attractive rewards to employees that stay fit. It is important to make sure that the solution fits the employees of a specific company because otherwise it would be much simpler to use already available tools. The custom tailored tool has to bring added value that couldn’t be achieved any other way and this level of flexibility has to be heavily utilized.


A sports application for internal use within a company. It heavily relies on gamification to encourage employees to take part in various activities including walking, running and many more.

Product consists of three applications:

  • Mobile application allows employees to track their progress, sign up for contests and explore new sports and games. The application can be installed on various target devices thanks to the use of Flutter framework.
  • System administrators can easily manage the users, create new sports activities, set up contests and monitor the state of the system via an intuitive web application.
  • Server application works in background and allows users to interact with each other in a seamless way. It collects various data about users’ activities using sensors embedded into smartphones or even separate sports gadgets. The system administrators can award top scoring employees.


Employees use the application on a daily basis as a tool that allows them to easily stay fit, track their progress and compete against other coworkers in a healthy fashion. They are also able to discover new sports activities which they would not try without the app. For a company that means increased satisfaction and overall integration of its employees across different departments.

The members of our team had a significant share in planning and development of the final solution.