The FoniPharm platform is to serve as an interface between patient, pharmacy and technology. Its main purpose is to manage prescribed and dosage information, as well as enable online pharmaceutical counseling. From the user’s perspective, the platform is to be a digital database interface that organizes, using a calendar and drug libraries, the pharmacy’s communication with the patient. Moreover, it offers a personalized voice assistant to read the information stored on the portal and  to give voice commands to the platform.


FoniPharm is an app constisting of two parts: the first one is dedicated for patients and the second one for pharmacists. Patients have access to all their pharmaceutical information, calendar with important events as well as the chat with their pharmacists. Pharmacists are provided with similar functionalities on their side, enhanced with possibility to serve multiple patients and prescribing medicines.

It is a web application with the frontend part written with JavaScript and backend using Python and Django directly connected to the PostgreSQL DB. The application is fully contenerized with Docker and served on Heroku.


Intuitive platform that facilitates communication between patients and pharmacists and provides relevant data to patients’ relatives. The application offers a wide array of functionalities like reminding about the time and dosage of medicines, giving voice answers to inquiries about the contents of drug leaflets, allowing direct contact with the pharmacist and real-time interaction and remotely fulfills the need of a patient’s relatives for health information.