Creating infrastructure and backend services for a new loyalty app for Pieprzyk, a Polish gas station chain, was a multifaceted challenge. Integration with the existing cash register system, ensuring high uptime and low latency, and handling localized content were some of the hurdles. Additionally, the client initially had reservations about using a public cloud like AWS.


We addressed the cloud concern by presenting a comprehensive analysis of the pros and cons of various approaches, ultimately convincing the client to move forward with AWS. To ensure robustness, we designed failure-tolerant infrastructure. Collaborating closely with the cash register software team, we provided the necessary API integration. We also implemented geohashing to optimize performance for localized content.


We successfully delivered the MVP phase, setting the foundation for ongoing expansion and service to more clients. Our solution not only met high availability and low latency requirements but also overcame the challenges of localizing services, proving the scalability of our system.