Taking ownership of the Houzit project from a previous software agency presented us with a formidable task. The chief obstacle we encountered was the state of the AWS infrastructure, which had not been subjected to rigorous version control and management. This situation injected a layer of complexity into our efforts, demanding a comprehensive approach to bring clarity and stability.


Our response to this challenge was marked by a holistic strategy that left no stone unturned. We embarked on an in-depth exploration of the existing infrastructure and the intricate web of backend services. To address the critical issue of uncontrolled infrastructure, we introduced Terraform, a robust infrastructure-as-code solution. Terraform emerged as our tool of choice to establish a unified source of truth for the AWS infrastructure, introducing structured version control and a transparent framework for managing changes.


Through unwavering dedication and methodical planning, we emerged victorious over the challenges that Houzit posed. Our team not only achieved stability in the infrastructure but also successfully delivered the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within the predefined timeline. This pivotal accomplishment not only revitalized the project but also laid the groundwork for an expansive journey beyond the confines of Barcelona. The client bore witness to the metamorphosis of a project inherited in disarray into a well-orchestrated, adaptable, and scalable system, heralding a promising era of growth and advancement.