October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas


Effective communication and sharing of all important business information is often a serious challenge in a large corporation. The information may concern various topics, e.g. different company policies, workshops or business trips. The contextual filtering of such large and diversified volumes of data may be challenging. Moreover security topics are extremely important  and the unlimited access to data could be easily abused. Therefore, it is often difficult to properly assist everyone in their individual case.


A chatbot for internal use of a big corporation. It provides users with all the information about internal HR policies, trainings, co-workers’ free time slots for meeting, conference rooms booking service etc..

The system consisted of 2 parts:

  • Client web application allowing a user to exchange messages with the bot in a chat window, giving it various tasks and receiving answers to asked questions. The app works in such a way that the user has the impression of having a conversation with a colleague.
  • Server application implementing initial conversation trees with Microsoft Bot Framework, custom machine learning capabilities and communication with a database. This part is responsible for managing conversation trajectory, collecting information relevant to user’s requests and generating human-like answers.


Employees can easily obtain the most important information for them and perform simple business operations at any time without the involvement of administrative and HR staff. This contributed to a significant reduction in the time required for internal processes and remarkably relieved the burden on HR staff and receptionists.

The members of our team had a significant share in planning and development of the final solution.