Creating a platform to popularize the use of legal services and raise legal awareness among the public. Everyone should have easy access to specialists and lawyers should be able to get new clients more easily. As many as 87% of Poles declare that they need legal assistance at least once a year and 77% of people would be encouraged to seek legal advice if the services were digitized. The public’s low legal awareness leads to many problems that a lawyer can answer without much preparation.

In addition, making an appointment for legal advice at a law firm is not an easy process. Clients do not know which lawyer to go to and are afraid of unclear billing terms. There is a lack of lawyer review sites on the market. A common way to find answers to a legal problem are groups on social networks. More than 7,000 questions regarding legal help are asked every month on social media platforms. The answers from other users are often wrong or below a satisfactory level.


A web application that allows you to get legal help without leaving your home. The application was developed according to best practices leveraging top front-end and back-end technologies such as React (Next.js) and Java (Quarkus) with PostgreSQL database. The entire infrastructure is served in the cloud on Amazon Web Services platform, what ensures the application’s reliability and security. The client application is designed in a responsive way, so you can conveniently use the platform both through a web browser and on mobile devices.

Lexify search


Lexify is an intuitive platform that guides you through the entire process of getting legal help. The client does not need to have legal knowledge – after filling out the dedicated form on the website, Lexify suggests lawyers ready to provide legal advice in a particular area. The client has the opportunity to “test” the lawyer during a short initial video call and schedule further video calls, at which a verified lawyer offers comprehensive legal assistance.

The number of lawyers on the Polish legal market increases every year. Competition among legal service providers is fierce, and specialists from small cities have trouble reaching a wide audience. Thanks to this platform, lawyers can easily acquire new clients, arrange meetings and save time by adjusting the schedule to their availability in their personal calendar. There is no other platfom on the Polish market which offers such functionalities.