October 12, 2019
Design / Ideas


Developing an application which provides tourists with a personal assistant service helping with organizing their time during city sightseeing. Such a tool should support them in optimal route planning, learn their preferences and offer features that other applications lack. This “learning” component is crucial as the experience offered to the user should be custom-tailored without the actual need to prepare a separate version of the application for each client. Such a substantial level of flexibility can only be achieved with the use of Machine Learning.


A personal tour guide which assists you during a city tour. It helps users to plan an optimal sightseeing route basing on given criteria and their available time. It continually learns one’s preferences and adapts generating itinerary recommendations, so that each user owns a city guide personalized to their individual needs. Moreover, one is able to easily communicate with the application either through text or speech due to employment of AI solutions. The mobile app was created as a Progressive Web Application, therefore it may be easily used either on all mobile platforms or in a browser.


A cross-platform mobile application, which helps tourists to plan an optimal sightseeing route basing on given criteria and available time. Moreover, its suggestions and the way of selecting tour stops are adjusted on the fly, so that each user has unique experience.